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 Welcome to Morganguitar.com - the website and the adventure! 

Since 2001 I've been making a living as a full time, fingerstyle guitarist. Being a musician in central Ohio isn't quite the same as being studio player in Nashville, New York or Los Angeles but there are plenty of interesting people, places and situations related to this type of work...or should I say "play". After all we "play" music not "work" it. Being a musician in a non-major-music-hub is a combination of plate spinning (gigs), cat juggling (private and group lessons) and chipmunk herding (running a weekly jam session).

Add to that being part of the Artist-in-Residence program at Riverside Methodist Hospital. Every week I get to bring live music to the halls and bedsides of oncology patients. This is an amazing experience. It is a continuous blessing to see how music touches, helps and comforts people in extremely difficult situations.

Why MorganGuitar.com? Really it's about two things:

1. Communicating stories, thoughts and experiences related to trying to make a living in a creative profession.

2. Supplying helpful information for ever-advancing guitarists, especially those of the fingerstyle variety.

I'll be posting these things on the blog on a regular basis. If it sounds interesting to you, be sure to sign up for the mailing list. I'll also be letting you know about new recording projects and teaching materials (books and DVDs) that are in the works. Who know? I may even begin posting video lessons here if there is enough interest.

(Rabbit Trail: The photo for the Stories button on the Home page was original published in a now defunct guitar magazine. It was part of a story about Fur Peace Guitar Ranch. I had been sitting on one of the porches at FPR early in the morning. Not many other pickers were stirring at 7:30 AM. I turn my head and there's Jorma - blues and rock legend - walking over just to hang out. As we are talking he asks to check out my Taylor. I wasn't aware that there was a camera around but it looks like the point in the conversation where he was saying, "Whoa, those are some manly strings." Apparently the mediums were a little more beefy than what he was used to. Fur Peace Ranch is one of my favorite places. Jorma, Vanessa and the crew there always make sure everyone has a great time.)

If you are still reading and want something of a slightly more formal bio, here it is:

John Morgan is an acoustic guitarist living in central Ohio. Unencumbered by fame or fortune, he is pursuing the musical dream: performing, teaching, writing and recording.   He has release five CDs, one instructional DVD and written Foundations for Great Guitar Playing a book/CD for beginning and intermediate guitarists. John performs regularly in central Ohio and keeps a full roster of students. His music has been played on NPR and numerous TV shows including Martha, The Good Wife, Biography A&E, Emeril Green, Underdog to Wonderdog and Art of the Athlete.

John is an Artist in Residence at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Several times each week he plays music at the bedside of oncology patients.

John is part of the Artist-in-the-Schools program of the Greater Columbus Arts Council. His presentations for students of any age combine music theory, history of the guitar, musical performance and a larger dose of humor.

In 1996 John co-founded the Vineyard Church of Columbus Worship Training Center. This eight week program teaches people how to develop their calling as musicians and small group worship leaders.


Capture the Night (2004) is a collection of Christmas classics arranged for solo acoustic guitar. "Tinsel" John's original composition was selected for Christmas week two years in a row on NPRs, on-line program All Songs Considered. This music was updated and re-released as Music for December in 2008. 

Capture the Night Book/CD - The written music (tablature/notation) of the songs on Capture the Night was release in August of 2011

Motionography (2006), is about movement: flight, swimming, dancing - places: the moon, oceans, stars; and communication: the non-verbal, solo guitar type of communication. The sound of one guitar playing, fingers dancing, sounds splashing, sonic canvas, air art, here–gone, wooden heart made flesh, steel strings spring to life. The sound of one guitar laughing, of joy bouncing, strengthening, calling, inviting to the dance. The sound of one guitar moving, across the star field accompanied by dancers, singers, swimmers, writing rhythm, resonating life.

Stories (1999). John's acoustic guitar is joined by bass, percussion, voice and flute. Cuts from this disc have received radio play on over 100 stations across the U.S. Stories inspired by this music can be found on the Stories page of MorganGuitar.com

The Journey - Places Real and Imagined (1996). “Echoes,” a nationally syndicated radio program hosted by John Diliberto, played cuts from that CD during 1996 and 1997. The title cut from “The Journey" was included on Volume 3 of a sampler disc released by Acoustic Music Resource. “House by the River,” also from “The Journey,” was included on a sampler disc compiled and internationally distributed by Poetman USA. Four songs from this CD were in continuous rotation on the "Atmospheres" Digital Cable Network for several years.

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