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What will you find on MorganGuitar.com? Lots of guitar stuff: Fingerstyle acoustic guitar mostly but really any kind of guitar: six string , twelve string, acoustic-electric, acoustic, resophonic, steel guitar, slide guitar, rock guitar, folk guitar, blues guitar any kind of guitar. Even with its quirky limitations it is a fantastic instrument with endless possibilities.  Check the blog for the latest update. I'm posting regularly.

MorganGuitar.com is also about stories. Stories related to the musical life and also stories about just plain life. Because just plain life isn't all that plain.

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Strumzz Strumming is a basic musical technical that many guitarists struggle with. No more: "Just keep playing till you get it!" explanations. Strumzz is the fun and easy way to learn how to strum a guitar or any strummed instrument. Simple to understand explanations of Beat Cycles, Strumming Patterns (should you memorize them or not), Feeling the Beat and Syncopation. Also, an extensive Play-Along section in 4/4 and 3/4 time. Looking for a way to develop rock-solid rhythm? This is it!

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